5 Bikini Belly Workouts To Reduce Belly Fat

When it comes to the waistline shrinking, the best way to achieve that is by doing by combination the right diet and conditioning with effective flat abs exercises. According to Shawna Kaminiski, the author of the My Bikini Belly program, there are no genuine ways to be sure that a waist trainer has any impact at all and it is believed to have more cons than pros.

WorkoutThis could even make it harder to eliminate belly fat. Instead of waist trainers, go for the following workouts to reduce belly fat:

  1. Dumbbell Pullovers

This can get you on your way to quickly getting that thin waist you have always wanted. This exercise aims at making your stomach flat while trimming your waist. Dumbbell Pullovers also gives the upper body an intense workout. To get more information on this exercise, kindly visit Bikini belly workouts.

  1. Bike (with back upright)

Cardio is vital when it comes to ways to shrink your waistline. Making use of a bike as a cardio tool can be very effective. The key when using a cardio bike is to maintain your back in an upright position be certain to use a bike that has back support.

  1. Plank With Stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum is one of the huge ways to shrink your waistline. Incorporating a stomach vacuum while doing a plank workout also comes with lots of benefits.

In order to perform a stomach vacuum, you must suck in your stomach, and do this between 30 to 45 seconds every set. This exercise will surely help shrink that waist in no time.

  1. Landmine I8o’s

Bikini belly PDF program states that Landmines are an intense movement that is beginning to trend more and more amongst the ladies. In addition, Shawna Kaminski, advises that landmine movement are great for your side abdominals and top abs as well.

The objective of this workout is to rotate both the trunk and hips as you swing the barbell all the way down on a side.

5. Russian Twist

According to Shawna Kaminiski Bikini Belly PDF program, it can be done with or without a weight. The recommendation given is that once you get used to the movement begin incorporating a weight or ball.

This exercise aims your core abdominals and obliques. It is surely a great exercise to shrink your waistline and make sure your core stays tight while twisting.

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